Using XAMPP and Burp Intruder when scanning for subdomains to look for interesting behaviour & code

  • Scraped for subdomains using basic tools
  • Ran these through burp intruder to check results and mass grep for certain keywords (“url:” for example to look for any potential ajax requests. “xmlhttprequest”, “POST” etc.)
  • Found an interesting domain which made use of ajax requests, saw after it had authenticated it would redirect to /dashboard
  • Visited /dashboard and was automatically redirected but noticed it was simply a META refresh and the contents had actually loaded as well.
  • Browsed the contents loaded (view-source:) and saw even more javascript code making requests to an domain which took a users ID as a parameter. What does this do..?
  • Attempted to query this endpoint and discovered I could reveal information on any user fully unauthenticated using the encrypted ID it responded with on another endpoint on a separate subdomain.

Take aways

Just because a page redirects, find out how & why. Is it because you are not authenticated?Does it load via 302 header, or is it redirecting via some javascript/meta refresh? If so, is there anything of interest in the code the page is redirecting away from?



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Sean (zseano)

Sean (zseano)

UK WebApp Security Researcher. Creator of BugBountyHunter— designed to help people learn and get involved with hacking. &