Welcoming new members on BugBountyHunter.com

Sean (zseano)
4 min readJun 4, 2021

We’re finally happy to announce we have re-opened membership on BugBountyHunter.com and we’re ready to welcome new members.


However please note, we actually did plan on re-opening a little later but with the amount of people wanting to join we prioritised re-opening. There’s a few things left in the pipeline due to come out in the next two weeks so please do bare with us on that.

> Change 1— zseano’s methodology is now free

We’ve decided to release zseano’s methodology as a free PDF for anyone to download. This was a part of the BugBountyHunter members’ platform in the past however sadly a high amount of people uploading it to public websites, and some even went as far as uploading it to Amazon to sell it for themselves (Which we tried to get taken down but dealing with Amazon is a huge pain!) So as such, we made the decision to make it available for anyone.


If you purchased just the methodology in the past, then please make sure to login to your BugBountyHunter account as you have full access to everything.

With that said, MEMBERS of BugBountyHunter can win a signed copy of zseano’s methodology directly posted to them as they level up and unlock perks.

> Change 2— Various membership options

We have decided on the following packages to join BugBountyHunter to access our current and future web applications, Barker, Kreative and FirstBlood.

Testing the waters — £100 (3 months access)
Diving in — £150 (1 year access)
Here for the long run — £250 (lifetime access)

Members can upgrade at no extra cost, so if you were a member for 2 months and decided you want to continue being a member, you’d only have to pay £50 for a year access. Please note that after your membership has expired you will not be able to upgrade. The ability to upgrade will appear as your expiration date gets closer.

> Change 3— Hackevents now virtual bug bounty events

Hackevents use to events where our members got together and we tested a chosen bug bounty program however we have now changed this to a virtual bug bounty experience. You are given a fresh web application (In this case, firstblood) and your task is to discover as many vulnerabilities as possible from learning how the site works. If you’re the first to discover a vulnerability then you’ll receive a REAL bounty — we actually paid over $10,000 at our recent Hackevent!

We are also experimenting with a cryptocurrency called RESPECT. We rewarded researchers with RESPECT for reporting a valid vulnerability and for their time & effort, regardless if they were the first. We hope to share more information on this in the near future.

We have full intentions to hack together with our members however we’d much prefer to hack on our own platform rather than relying on using current platforms, and making sure each user has access to the chosen program etc.

> Change 3 — Co-operation with BugBountyHub.com

With that said, we are co-operating with BugBountyHub.com to help connect our researchers with bug bounty programs. BugBountyHub.com helps get hackers working for you. If you reach Level 4 on BugBountyHunter.com then you will be shortlisted to receive private program invites! This co-operation is new and more information will be shared in the near future.

You can join BugBountyHub today & find more about them here:


> In the works

We have a public program directory due for release as well a ton of new guides, articles, video content and a FRESH update on FastFoodHackings and our free challenges. Expect this in the next two weeks as we continue to work on the platform.

We’re busy as always working on helping you not only learn about the various vulnerability types, but to also learn the mindset of looking for these. Understanding the features and gaining the experience to discover vulnerabilities.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has joined us already and to those who have supported, helped and just been an all round awesome person over the years. I can not be more grateful to the majority of the community.

~ zseano ❤



Sean (zseano)

UK WebApp Security Researcher. Creator of BugBountyHunter— designed to help people learn and get involved with hacking. zseano.com & bugbountyhunter.com