We’re back! BugBountyNotes relaunched as BugBountyHunter.com

Hi there!

What a year it’s been right?! Let’s not mention the C word… it’s lockdown in 2hours here in the UK. Yay. Although, I do hope you are all well & safe! We will get through this ❤ Carrying on.. I announced at the start of the year that I would be releasing my methodology online and finally, as we approach the end of year, it’s out!

Let me explain what’s been going on and what’s in store for the future!

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Figuring it all out

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I was starting to create material for companies etc when I began to run into some issues. Some companies are setup weird, lots of teams, mis-communication. “This is going to require a lot of work and thought on how to execute this properly.. i want this to be executed correctly in companies for it to be effective!” I thought to myself. I am just a one man band (currently) and if i’m honest I felt completely out of my depth. I apologised to the company and retracted my offer and went into darkness. (Perhaps one day I will revisit this)

Overall, I want to help create a more secure internet and make the process for bug bounty hunters and companies smoother. I want to help both sides as the end game.

At this time I had become slightly disgruntled with bug bounties as I had recently had a bad experience with a program (we won’t get into it lol) so I took a break from it. I felt a bit lost really. I felt a “block” to want to continue building stuff, so I took to gaming. I gamed more than I should of because I just wanted to avoid coding for some reason, and everyday I knew I was letting people down waiting for content, so it kept eating at me. I finally “snapped” out of my bad state and began working non-stop on BugBountyNotes (yes it’s still named this at this point!). For those wondering how did I snap out? Honestly, I spent more time with nature. I kept going on bike rides and realising how lucky we are to be here and to stop wasting my time feeling sorry for myself and get back in the game. I kept imaging what I wanted to create and I pushed myself to get back to the game. Getting outside more works I guess :D

We’re making progress

Stage One

Let’s pause.

Damnit Sean, can you not just make your mind up?!”. Hah, yeah. I remember being 15 and teachers telling me “you need to think before you speak!” and I guess the same applies for taking action too right?

Stage Two

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I still have the ticketing platform designed and working and perhaps I can do something with it in the future, we’ll see!

That’s not all

Firstly, I haven’t given up on wanting to help companies. I have some stuff in the pipeline :)

More challenges & guides

More invites!

More Videos and writeups

I also have some interesting writeups I plan on releasing soon. Basically the TLDR is I have a ton of content coming :D

For Members

Interested? Why not check us out: https://www.bugbountyhunter.com/

We currently have a LAUNCH promo which gives you the following:

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The ZSEANO methodology package will give you lifetime access to my methodology/flow as a PDF (accessible via your account). After 3 months if you wish to continue hacking on BARKER then it will cost less than the JUST TESTING package. The JUST TESTING package is for those who don’t wish to learn a methodology/flow and simply want to put their hacking skills to the test. Of course be sure to check out our free challenges and FastFoodHackings located at https://www.bugbountyhunter.com/playground if you want to get a feel for things!

(For now you can only obtain membership via the desktop site. I am currently working on adding mobile support to purchase & then view my methodology as well manage your submissions. Ideally I want members to access the site on the desktop as they’ll be hacking/submitting bugs, but it’s 2020 and mobile is popular right? :D)

Thank you everyone

I want to give a special shout to my older brother Karl for all of the help & guidance he has provided. He is the creator of BARKER and the system around it (with bugs i’ve told him to create :D). ❤


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UK WebApp Security Researcher. Creator of BugBountyHunter— designed to help people learn and get involved with hacking. zseano.com & bugbountyhunter.com

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