We’re back! BugBountyNotes relaunched as BugBountyHunter.com

Figuring it all out

I started designing the new BugBountyNotes platform last year after putting together a small plan however I was diverted from this plan after deciding to experiment with training companies. (A mistake on my behalf I later regretted). I also started to doubt myself and felt like I wanted to ‘branch out’. I thought to myself that it’s all great teaching newcomers how to hack and get involved in bug bounties, but if companies on the receiving end aren’t “up to par” with reports/security overall, am I just setting them up for a bad experience? So I set about training companies how to hack themselves and reached out to various companies, and even had my proposal accepted.

We’re making progress

It’s July /Augst by now, the COVID situation is still on-going, Bitcoin has recovered, and I still have a sh*t ton of work to do. Oh boy. I once tweeted that sometimes I struggle to sleep at night because i’m so full of energy all the time, and someone replied saying to not fight it and instead utilise this super power, so I did just that.

Stage One

Firstly I decided to ditch the BugBountyNotes name, the more I read it, the less it made sense for what I had planned. I decided to create the ZSEANO brand I began designing a platform to allow users to buy tickets to be trained by me with a 2 day session (if you remember the announcement). Work was progressing well (at this time Barker had begun development and was progressing nicely) but again the more I thought about the idea, the more I thought.. hmm. Nah. I want people to be able to hack all the time, 2am, 6pm, I want them to be able to learn and hack.

Stage Two

The idea of hacking on ‘BARKER’ was to stick. The idea of recreating bugs i’ve personally found on a fully functioning website was great in my eyes, so I went back to my bugbountynotes platform (which had been like 60% done at the time) and began carry on coding up the idea with some changes. I moved over the content, made changes, created new challenges, created FastFoodHackings and implemented a membership system. Work progressed (as quickly as possible) across everything and soon everything began to take shape and finally, we landed where we are today. I acquired the domain BugBountyHunter.com recently and the change was official.

That’s not all

Today is Day one of the release of the new BugBountyNotes platform as BugBountyHunter.com with my methodology included. There’s lot to come:

More challenges & guides

There will be more free challenges added over time including new bug types as well as new guides including a special piece written from @iBruteForce on writing notes!

More invites!

In case you missed it, we recently gave away multiple invites to join BugBountyHunter for free (with zseano’s methodology included!) with flags found on FastFoodHackings. We will be adding more vulnerabilities/flags to FastFoodHackings soon to be sure to keep an eye out for that!

More Videos and writeups

I’m due to talk with Pratik Dabhi (@impratikdabhi) in the near future about bug bounties and I also have lots of new video content prepared. As you know i’m not one to record a video, edit it and upload (i’m not that pro.. nor do I have the time lol). I love being live and interacting with you all and answering questions live! Doubts on what’s on the video? I can answer it there and then! I’ll announce on my twitter when I plan on streaming in the near future (let me find my bearings after launching BBhunter! :D)

For Members

We have lots in the pipeline for members of BugBountyHunter such as your own bugbountyhunter.com/profile to proudly show off your findings without fear of punishment from programs/platforms for disclosing. We’ve also sent some information regarding BARKER and what’s to come on the Discord #news-and-updates channel so if you aren’t already in there, check your welcome email and join us! Honestly, there isn’t much more to write here as we’ll keep you updated on proper communication channels (email , discord).

Thank you everyone

I’m sorry things took so long, but.. we’re live! Thank you EVEROYNE from day one who has supported me and helped me on my journey! I hope you enjoy BugBountyHunter.com and what it has to offer. Let’s hack the planet!



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Sean (zseano)

Sean (zseano)

UK WebApp Security Researcher. Creator of BugBountyHunter— designed to help people learn and get involved with hacking. zseano.com & bugbountyhunter.com